Hey there and welcome to Avenue Gaming. This is an online gaming site for both women and men who play a lot of online games on the web. You’ll notice that we are as bare bones as you get when it comes to online gaming sites, but we like it that way. We’re simple people who don’t like a lot of bells and whistles. But we do love online games, so we’ve put all of our talent and design energy into the games instead of into the design of the site. We hope you like what you see and choose to become a member. If you do want to become a member, you can learn more about that below.

How did Avenue Gaming get started?

Avenue Gaming got started because of a friendship. Rick Johnson and Sam Kay were friends in high school in a small suburb of Boston. They grew up playing old school games, and as the Internet became increasingly popular, they transferred their love of console games to a love of Internet games.

When Rick and Sam went off to college, they decided to study computer science. With all that they learned at university, they decided to start own website, and that’s what we see here today on this website. Every day, they work on the games that are presented here at Avenue Gaming, and they’ve made a great living from this work.

What games are offered on Avenue Gaming?

On this website, you’ll find a number of fun games of people of all ages and backgrounds. Make sure to check out all of the sections because there are a lot. You’ll see that we’ve distinguished between sports games, makeup games, shooting games, puzzles, strategy games and racing games.

How do you become a member of Avenue Gaming?

To become a member of this site, an account must be created under your name and using your email address. The process is simple. Fill out the application form on the left-hand side of this page. We will send you an email of confirmation, which you must open. Inside the email, you’ll see a code, which you must enter on our website. You will then have an account with us.

At this point, please tell us something about yourself. Where do you live? What got you into online gaming in the first place? How did you find our website? Rest assured that we will not share any of your personal information with third parties. You can trust us!

Feel free to talk about your background, tell us your favorite games and let us know any other interests or hobbies that you may have. Once you have the rest of your information filled in, make sure to add a picture and create a unique username that is special for you.

We are excited to have you join our website and play our games. Please let us know any feedback that you may have, and don’t forget to visit the forums when you get a chance.